Wednesday, October 12, 2005


One article written by AMS as a counter from a lawyer's publishing referred to in the TESTING quotes"In the intoxicated alcohol subjects, the TAS curve was of similar amplitude and shape to the BAC curve, but lagged up to 120 min behind the BAC curve."Just a few sentences after they quote"The relative peaks of the two curves are separated by approximately an hour, and the time to achieve zero is delayed, as well."A third estimate on the page quotes"As you can see in the following graphic, if comparing a breathalyzer and transdermal test results from SCRAM for a single event side-by-side, the curve on the transdermal analysis will show a delay of between 30 and 180 minutes."Then AMS promotes it by saying,"Reports will show the exact time of day users start drinking, their blood alcohol level if they do drink, and when their body has expelled all alcohol."Up to 120 minutes,approximately one hour and between 30 and 180 minutes!

The ankle system weighs a little more than a pound, said Jon Ugval, director of operations for Eastpointe-based House Arrest Services, a private electronic monitoring provider that uses SCRAM when working with alcohol offenders....A little more than a pound pulling on your skin with every step,abrasions are almost inevitable if the bracelet is snug on a wearers ankle.Six months of this and infections and permanent scars are another result.Loose bracelets are more vulnerable to outside influences!
Jim Miller, market development manager for House Arrest Services, said the device is so sensitive it can detect if somebody tries to take it off, submerge it in water or places a shield between the skin and the sensitive that dead skin from the abrasions,string from a frayed towel, piece of lint or a sock would be detected??
"A lot of them will try to defeat it, sometimes by putting something under it to block the sensor or something like that," said Jon Ugval, a manager of operations at House Arrest and son of its founder, Carlo Ugval. "But if you slide something under it, even a sock on your ankle, it can detect that and notify us of that, too."........socks!!
Bay County Chief Circuit Judge Lawrence M. Bielawski said he's already ordered four defendants to take part in the SCRAM monitoring program, although three of those defendants are first serving jail terms and the fourth was just ordered onto the program on Tuesday..............ordered,not an option.

Kathleen Brown,AMS says,"The feedback we get from judges is they are comfortable knowing that if these people are out in the community, they can monitor their alcohol," she said. "It's the drinking that's causing problems, whether it's driving while drinking, abusing someone or not working to pay child support."Car ignition interlock devices - which are currently being used in the county and require drivers to blow into a tube to test their breath for alcohol before the car will start - can't prevent people from drinking when they're out of the car or driving someone else's car, Brown said..................If drinking is the crime why not prosecute the TRAFFICERS,is this going to cure alcoholism?
"It's still not solving the core drinking problem that sends them back to court again and again," Brown said...............................An alcoholic is one for life,this system should keep one sober for the time,but they can't watch forever,turning your will and your life over to the care of AMS is not the third step.The financial stress retards progress not to mention the possible regression attributed to the cost and stress of litigations from false positives, they inform the defendant of 4 to 5 days later making it impossible for a confirmatory test!!

Roughly 60 percent of bracelet wearers stay alcohol-free while wearing the ankle bracelet; the remaining 40 percent drink or try to tamper with them, Brown said..........without instigation (assaults,misconduct)who commits crime while they know police are watching,a percentage of the 40% could have been false positives from a "device is so sensitive it can detect if somebody tries to take it off,even a sock on your ankle.I recently checked some other stats=Penn Services has used MEMS 2000 for 3 1/2 years to monitor 50 people in Kansas, where the firm runs probation departments for several municipalities,the systems have been successful; of the 750 people monitored with the SCRAM and MEMS systems, only six have violated probation. 6/750=.008 less than 1%,using SCRAM as a monitor could very well lower recidivism. With the help of judges and attorneys, guidelines for SCRAM use were drawn up. In Milwaukee County, it's used for people charged with certain combinations of repeat drunken driving offenses.Don Miles, who administers offender compliance for Wisconsin Community Services and his agency's executive director, Stephen Swigart, said the system appears to be working. The random breath tests, ordered for about 240 people per year, catch about two people per week, but Swigart said that in Milwaukee County no one has registered an alcohol violation while wearing a SCRAM bracelet.
"There's no cheating this thing," said Lou Sugo, AMS marketing director. "This thing is spot-on accurate."......................possibly too accurate to be used as sole evidence for it,"can pick up alcohol found in lotions or soaps." says Janeanne Tourtellott, DWI court administrator and,"But if you slide something under it, even a sock on your ankle, it can detect that and notify us of that, too."said Jon Ugval, a manager of operations at House Arrest .

The monitor is used as sole evidence for conviction,
For counties interested in trying SCRAM, Ptacek recommends that all judges meet with a representative of the company who can demonstrate the device and answer questions. Zimmerman’s best advice is to conduct a pilot project first to understand the system’s strengths and limitations in practice. "This should just be a monitoring tool," she said, "not the only monitoring tool."




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